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tomorrow i'll live in the moment

by limesix

Take a bath in Aperol Remember everything You can tell me what you saw While you twist your wedding ring Sometimes the surface is the truth But anyone can sell a lie Find some comfort in your youth Late nights and clumsy tries Open up a closing door Like you're finding something lost Every stone deserves a turn And everyone their coat of moss Sometimes you know there's nothing there Weak knees are their own goodbye So form yourself another word Stay up late, it's your alibi There's the things you thought you'd say, drifting away on the wind, never know how to begin. Something true, something not, little corners you forgot, but better than not there at all, like cocktails with Aperol. Early nights and evening flights, you can't say everything true, there's a lot you learn how to forget. Captain's table, fairly met. Better than not there at all. Like cocktails with Aperol.
Breathing in swimming pool, warm shallow water and everything always reminds you of her, but 20 years later and no one remembers, look around silently, start to infer That there are gaps in the world that flow along silently, dark and light corners and try and make sense of the sense Of the sense of finality, or maybe possibility, like a glint in the sunlight, start to make plans Where it all started, straight sun and afternoon, why does it always feel like too much to do Hands in the air, shouting and marching, there isn't anything I can't ask of you But to stop changing shape And try to stay awake one more time Make it feel like the weekend Even if we try and pretend Because everything is always all the time ending, your hand on the door is your hand on the mast Turn it down slowly or run up the rigging, you can try to explain but it sounds like a gasp Doppler effect warping reality, take what you know and lay it over the truth I didn't say what I should have today, but no one ever knows the right thing to do So breath in shallow water And try to explain to me All the times it wasn't enough And what you wanted to see Velvet mornings and denim nights Always trying to keep it tight There are ways to keep us down But what will do you when we're not around?
Do a stint as an astronaut Slide some money under the door It's a miracle you don't get caught Leave your footprints on the floor Don't ever draw in straight lines Move in patterns down the beach There's more to this than what you see All the colors you can't reach You know they all have plans for you Grab your keys and lie in wait Tell the world your little secret Throw some crumbs under the grate Don't ever say I love you Don't ever say goodbye Find some shelter when the rain begins No one said you didn't try I will come for you I will come for you I will come for you I will come for you I will come for you I will come for you I will come for you Just stay where you are.


Three songs written and recorded in about 10 days during the late summer of 2020, while the world continued to fall apart. They are both not exactly about and kind of about that.


released August 7, 2020

songs written, played, recorded by chris


all rights reserved



limesix Orlando

Limesix is a rock band, in the 90s tradition. They maybe sound a bit like Portastatic, Yo La Tengo, and Say Hi, hopefully with some sly nods to Prince.

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