These Things Take Time

by limesix



This is a collection of songs I've written and recorded over the past 20 years. Some have been previously released in very similar form, some have been remixed or added to, and some have never seen the light of day.


released April 17, 2020

All sounds, words, and production by Chris Rediske, except where noted.


all rights reserved



limesix Orlando

Limesix is a rock band, in the 90s tradition. They maybe sound a bit like Portastatic, Yo La Tengo, and Say Hi, hopefully with some sly nods to Prince.

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Track Name: Intro #3
Is this what you saw at the end of the day?
Is this what you heard, when you asked me to stay?
Is this what you felt, when I was walking away?
Is this what you did? Alright. Ok

Cause everything fades in the light of the sun
And now I know what you want to be done
Track Name: Everything We Got Right
If you're wondering about yourself,
then come on in. The water's warm enough, finally
You always waited on your friends,
but they sped away on flaming darts of love

So what do you have left?
That weekend in versailles?
So what do you have left?
The gentle pleasures of you and I

The night is cooling off,
leaving trails. Subtle traces, left behind
And you're counting on your hands
The moon is marching, unmistakable and high

So what do you have left?
Some paper in a box?
So what do you have left?
The quiet ticking of the clocks

So what do you have left?
The promise of the night?
So what do you have left?
Everything that we got right
Track Name: WSWB
Start over
This isn't the only thing
Hit rewind
I'm standing next to you
It isn't a failure of nerve or a response to fear, a tendency to flight I know
This isn't me standing next to you
This isn't me standing next to you

I know what you know and I'm sorry
I know what you know

It's always first and last and a failure to connect, I drop the line I drop the line
It's always my fault and your fault and everybody's watching, everybody's watching
Try something, try nothing, it's all the same to me

Slow down and try something new, like in a dream
Give it meaning, give it shape - your shape is what you have
But where should we begin
Where should we begin
Where should we
Track Name: Pickups
Start with the facts
Use details much too small
Substitute white for black
Say you called or didn't call
Try and get the rewrite right
Find the misc-en-scene
Trap the corner with the light
Say you know what makes us lean

Taller. Faster. Ready to get it right

Pickups in the fading light
Flickers on the screen
Stage directions: "drive all night"
Hope that this take's clean
Close it down and make the rounds
Hands and shoulders, minds and hearts
The art is in the trying
The acting's just a part

Better. Later. When we fall asleep
Track Name: Fidelity
You know it won't be the last time that I call you even if I say it will
And you know I'm only holding out for a little more fidelity
And just because you've got me on a string doesn't mean I shouldn't have the best of you
And if I ask for a little more time or happiness - all the things you have the power to give
Does it mean that you should walk all over me, or should I take away your shoes?
And just because you have the power to hurt me, baby, doesn't mean that you have to

And I will take it in if it's mine. And if I suffer, I'll do it quietly
And I will take it in if it's mine. And if I suffer, I'll do it quietly
Track Name: A Knee-Jerk Reaction
The songs of the harpers are settling into my ears and I can hear the dusk in their fingers, and I think it's beautiful
So having a reason to ask you a question is only the tip of the iceberg, but everything is settling on you

And even if I'm insane and you're to blame, I would love to, I would love to
And you can see that singing to me is a waste - I'm already floating and
in the clouds, I'm allowed to be circling,
and my circumference is everything you need it to be

So drifting comes easy if the only thing you have that's holding you down is miles away from here
And everyone's asking for you and you're thinking it might be worth a minute or two, since you're here anyway

And even if I'm wrong and you'll come along, I would love to, I would love to
And if you think that I'm needing a drink than you're probably right if you're leaving tonight,
and in my car we're falling apart again,
and I think I'm tired but I'm everything that you need me to be
Track Name: Last Night, Remembered
On the other side of you is where I walk into a room,
even when you're not there.

And our theme can be erased and disappear without a trace,
every day is so unfair.

Can't you see I'm waiting?
Can't you hear me there?
Can't you see I'm waiting?

"However long I ever stay I never really go away,"
those were the words you said to me.

And if I took it kind of hard, that's how you know you hit the mark,
but I don't know any other way to see.

Don't you know I'm waiting?
Do you even care?
Don't you know I'm waiting?
I can see so clear...

One more time you came to me with a gift I couldn't see,
it was ok just to alive.

Blowing softly on my skin, the only way we can begin,
and you knowing not to cry.

Can't you see I'm waiting?
Don't you know I'm there?
Can't you see I'm waiting?
Always blowing signals through the air.
Track Name: Reversal
Spinning around in the sunlight,
how could I ever forget?
The bright cleansing rays falling on you,
we hadn't messed it up yet
And I was under your wing,
and you were under my spell
I still remember that day,
its siren song looming and still

The last thing you said was the right thing to say,
even if you still don't see it that way, and
if we're frozen in time, then why do I like it?
I wish you wouldn't try so hard to fight it

Every mark I laid on you
abstracts and fades over time
And it abandons its place
in this one perfect moment of mine
I won't try and pretend
the flavor is something that lasts
But I remember that day,
pulling me into the past

The mark on the wall where we both tried to hide it
The place where I lay down my head every night
We'll kill ourselves trying to pretend that we like it
The only thing left is to say it's alright
The only thing left is to say it's alright
The only thing left is to say it's alright
Track Name: Sweep the Leg, Jonny
You'll never find someone who cares this much about you
I spend all my time just making sure that it's true

Sweep the leg, Jonny. Figure out just what is what

Just the other day I came over right when you called
It's the little things that sometimes mean nothing at all

Sweep the leg, Jonny. I know someday you will deserve it

And only I know what you want, and what you need
The others they don't understand you
That you give them the time of day makes my hair stand on end
And I don't know what to do

I can overlook the many ways you're letting me down
But it's almost the same as if you were watching me drown

Sweep the leg, Jonny. I think you might as well

And if this is the end
I don't have time for it
You know... I only have time for you
Track Name: The Times I'm Still Alive
I want to be there with you
I want to be there with you
I want to be there with you
But it's not the only thing I'll do

Because I'm alive,
and I can see all the streetlights,
and I can walk in the darkness,
but I know that everything will be all right
Track Name: Rum is a Bad Idea
You can feel sorry for yourself,
standing on the back porch, overlooking
your better self

If it isn't easier to imagine when we both were here.
Then make me disappear

And summer is the best time,
to leave it all behind,
when you ask me,
in your smallest voice:

"Will you stay over,
will you stay over,
or do you have to go so soon?"
It isn't a problem until it's a problem for you

You can clap me on the back,
as you pour us another drink from the endless sea

But I can hear how scared,
how along you think we can be
When you say to me:

"Will you stay over,
will you stay over,
or do you have to go so soon?"
It isn't a problem until it's a problem for you

When you feel sorry for yourself,
take a long walk to another place,
if you can't outpace,

that almost certain feeling you get,
that every thought is such a waste

And you'll notice that I never said,
the way you feel is out of place

And when I stay over,
when I stay over,
I don't have to go so soon - I don't work till noon

And I'm sorry for all we had to drink,
it didn't help me think
Track Name: While Nothing Happens
Everything, everything, everything that's happening now points towards the last time that we were all together, and all that you said
And I've been going over it, write it out to waste my time, if I sit here while nothing happens and no one calls

But if I say that I'm sorry, will you say you were wrong?
It's a trap and I'm falling, and it won't be fixed by a song that says that I'll be here when you come calling, so you won't have to even look
Track Name: A Song
If you find the answers out,
you shouldn't ever write them down,
and print them out for anyone else to see.

Cause they will take it away from you,
and they won't ever tell the truth,
as they come back home and wave their arms by degrees.

And they'll say:
"We knew it all the time and you only made it rhyme, and that's as easy as ABC."
"We knew it all along and you nearly got it wrong, but we found the truth for ourselves and set it free. No thanks to you."

So this is a poem, or maybe a song, or it could be a leaflet.
But if it's true, no thanks to you - I think I'll keep it to myself.
Track Name: Grow Wings Like Everyone
Water can't take us where we need to go
Sinking with a paddle always comes too slow
Grow wings like an angel and take to flight
And I'll try to catch you when you hit the light

Stop signs and hard crimes never made you lame
But you tried to convince me of another name
And when you need a jetstream, you know I will provide
Lifting and falling with the smallest ride

Once you were true, but now an alibi
takes the place of the memory that you tried to hide
And I might have an answer I found in the dark,
but you have to ask me, you have to ask me, you have to ask me

And everyone can see what you do to me
And it's getting later and we're getting older, like everyone
And this is a waste of time, but it's also the answer. It's the answer
Track Name: Open Windows
I saw something by the window
I see something by the door
Are you losing - have you lost it?
Or are you coming back for more?

Even faster, even hotter, than what you left for me to find
Dirty footsteps on my pillow
Broken hearts are on my mind

And you know all I ask of you is this
And you know standing silently is easy to resist

Empty pages speaking volumes
Treasures left for me to find
And open windows mean nothing unless you slip inside

I'm not one for lighting candles
I'm not one for telling truths
But every breath is soft beside me and picking up steam. I'm picking up steam

And you know all I ask of you is this
And you know standing silently is easy to resist
Track Name: The Lions
When the lions show their teeth,
and open doorways like their jaws,
you aren't getting any farther than the corner where I left you

And don't you know I told you?
I told you to be scared

When you set off on your own,
you think you can move faster,
but that's why they're there, to remind you that I'm here

And don't you know you need me?
To navigate this jungle
To take you where it's quiet
To where we've always been