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leg, boot

by limesix

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Intro #3 01:41
Lyrics: Is this what you saw at the end of the day? Is this what you heard, when you asked me to stay? Is this what you felt, when I was walking away? Is this what you did? Alright. Ok. Cause everything fades in the light of the sun. And now I know what you want to be done.
Lyrics: The songs of the harpers are settling into my ears and I can hear the dusk in their fingers, and I think it's beautiful. So having a reason to ask you a question is only the tip of the iceberg, but every is settling on you. And even if I'm insane and you're to blame, I would love to, I would love to. And you can see that singing to me is a waste - I'm already floating and in the clouds, I'm allowed to be circling and my circumference is everything you need it to be. So drifting comes easy if the only thing you have that's holding you down is miles away from here. And everyone's asking for you and you're thinking it might be worth a minute or two, since you're here anyway. And even if I'm wrong and you'll come along, I would love to, I would love to. And if you think that I'm needing a drink than you're probably right if you're leaving tonight and in my car we're falling apart again, and I think I'm tired but I'm everything that you need me to be.
Lyrics: It's all pacing and I've got the secret you were looking for. We should be cooking up a scheme or two, ready for you. When I say that we play on the weekend, are you ready and is it true? And can I help it - I love you. Are you copacetic? Cause I have something to say. And every corner has a someone you'd be happy to know. And wouldn't you love to be... Happy? I am, are you? And every time there's something that bothers you, So I'll be fixing the way we say we are coming. The way we say that we are true. And when we say the things we mean - that's when I say that I love you. And didn't you know that this was important? I told you once when you were away, and every time you ask me again, I try to say I love you.
Lyrics: Everything, everything, everything that's happening now points towards the last time that we were all together, and all that you said. And I've been going over it, write it out to waste my time, if I sit here while nothing happens and no one calls. But if I say that I'm sorry, will you say you were wrong? It's a trap and I'm falling, and it won't be fixed by a song that says that I'll be here when you come calling, so you won't have to even look.
Shoe-in (free) 03:53
Lyrics: Eastbound trains to other plains won't take me away from here as fast as I'd like. And finding scars among the stars won't help me breathe easier tonight. If you think this is a song about you, you have no idea how vague I can be. Lonely nights, and half as bright as we wished we always would burn. A brighter flame with you to blame - now that's an idea I can get my hands around. And you could finish. We could start. Right? And we could end up in the dark - over and over and. There's a problem you could fix, and we're saving the best 4 last. And I loved it when you bit into me. Into me. Into me. If you knew what loneliness is, you wouldn't have even said hi.
In Key 02:41
Lyrics: It's hardly ever that I ask you what you think. But it's not for lack of desire, or anything I have control over. And every night I get poetic but then you don't want to hear. And if I told you the truth, would you expect me to lie? And is it even worth what it would take me to try? This is the beginning, so can we start from here? I don't want to have to start over every year. And if it's worth as much as you tell me it is, help me find a way to get through this.
Fidelity 03:11
Lyrics: You know it won't be the last time that I call you even if I say it will. And you know I'm only holding out for a little more fidelity. And just because you've got me on a string doesn't mean I shouldn't have the best of you. And if I ask for a little more time or happiness - all the things you have the power to give. Does it mean that you should walk all over me, or should I take away your shoes? And just because you have the power to hurt me, baby, doesn't mean that you have to. And I will take it in if it's mine. And if I suffer, I'll do it quietly. And I will take it in if it's mine. And if I suffer, I'll do it quietly.
Open Windows 08:12
Lyrics: I saw something by the window. I see something by the door. Are you losing - have you lost it? Or are you coming back for more? Even faster, even hotter, than what you left for me to find. Dirty footsteps on my pillow. Broken hearts are on my mind. And you know all I ask of you is this. And you know standing silently is easy to resist. Empty pages speaking volumes. Treasures left for me to find. And open windows mean nothing unless you slip inside. I'm not one for lighting candles. I'm not one for telling truths. But every breath is soft beside me and picking up steam. I'm picking up steam. And you know all I ask of you is this. And you know standing silently is easy to resist.
Wedding Song 04:39
Lyrics: Everything that I wanted to tell you. Everything that you wanted too hear. Wordless and understood, a quick glance is far too good at getting into the heart of the matter. Did you hear that I asked you a question? Did I say what you wanted to hear? And I think there's nothing better than hard rain and shared umbrellas. And walking alone on a saturday night, together. It's very simple, it's very clear, and only once now, and not to fear, the rain is stopping, we're soaking wet, and all together, you said: "This isn't a miracle - this is life. And it's the only time we can say what we mean and do what we want. So lift up your voice - just lift up your voice, and let it ring clear so that I can hear you. And I'll lift up my voice like a beacon to you - step into the light. Step into the light." So lift up your voice. So lift up your voice. So lift up your voice, and let it ring clear. Just let it ring clear.


The songs that make up leg, boot were recorded over the space of nearly seven years - some in studios, some in friends' apartments, some in recording labs while I was in school, some in my bedroom, some in my living room.

An assortment of friends helped in the recording and playing of these songs, and I'm grateful to them for their help - it wouldn't have come together without them.


released June 22, 2007

Chris Rediske: whatever
Chris Reynolds: guitar on "If there was only..." and "Shoe-in"
David Scarborough: bass on "In Key" and "Save the Best for Last"
Michael Chavez: bass on "If there was only..." and "A Knee-Jerk Reaction," keys on "A Knee-Jerk Reaction"


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limesix Orlando

Limesix is a rock band, in the 90s tradition. They maybe sound a bit like Portastatic, Yo La Tengo, and Say Hi, hopefully with some sly nods to Prince.

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