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Pandemic / Maladministration

by limesix

Pandemic 06:28
Take all of it, like flowers and trees and cars that don't go Remember when, and write it all down, even what you don't know You can take smaller steps, like uniformed schoolkids all caught in a line And if the last thing you see is a mechanical bird making up for lost time Formal dresses and large heavy doors, your arms in the air And all your friends, trying to seem like they really don't care The wind comes in, like it just knows this is the right place to be Lights shimmering, go out one by one until you can't see It won't be the only thing you said to me, triumphantly It won't be the things we lost in the war And everyone hangs a dark black X in their window But you and I want a little bit more All this lost time, flickers and fades in each other's gaze Walking in circles, divine a way to get rid of the days There's a dream where you gather and grow all the sad and lost things Like California pines, winding forever, our delicate rings It won't be the last time we do this, if only because Everyone wants a little bit more So draw back the shades and pull on your Sunday best It's always a day to emerge from the war Symphonies quiet but you don't need all those extra notes There's a world of difference between sated and full I can't tell you how to feel when the flags go up Grab hold of something, get ready to pull
Drawing breath along with tiny birds sitting on the trees along the wires Only thinking of really clever things to say Do you mean it? The kudzu creeping over every little thing you say This isn't fast enough to shake your confidence Speed up Cause they won't come for you They won't comfort you They won't come for you When you're in charge I didn't see the ending through the filter of your endless self-regard But throngs of passenters threw blooms of roses at your feet Be gentle We all love adoration... habit growing into sweet and tender need Like branches on the oldest tallest tree But they won't come for you They won't comfort you They won't come for you When you're in charge They won't come for you They won't comfort you They won't come for you When you're in charge


Double A-side single of two timely songs from our recent album 'Petty Crimes' b/w a demo of "Maladministration."
I wrote "Pandemic" in May of this year (as you might expect), and I thought originally I would be a little more coy with the title, as I don't really like to give away the game that easily. But as it took shape, I figured, hey, we're all in this together.
So here's our contribution to the sad and inevitable body of work created by musicians/artists/whomever trapped in this dumb world together, hurtling towards oblivion. Bob and I recorded it during the late spring/early summer, my wife played cello, my son played violin, and ella (@moon._.cheese) created the cover art. We hope you like it.
I wrote "Maladministration" in early 2017, as our current president was being inaugurated, and I was thinking about how to try and use empathy as a lens to view him through, to avoid falling into despair.
Originally it was called "Insider Trading," and it would probably have remained so if not for the bald straightforward terrible reality of the past four years. As it stands, I think "Maladministration" is a fitting title (if similarly on the nose as "Pandemic"), for a somewhat sympathatic look at a completely non-sympathatic person.
If you haven't voted already, let me add my voice to the many people asking you to please do so. And vote your conscience of course, but let's be clear. Please don't vote for the terrible old rickety narcissist xenophobe. Let's all move on with our lives and try to make a better world.


released October 16, 2020

bob and chris - instruments and production, etc.
ella chamberlain (@moon._.cheese) - art


all rights reserved



limesix Orlando

Limesix is a rock band, in the 90s tradition. They maybe sound a bit like Portastatic, Yo La Tengo, and Say Hi, hopefully with some sly nods to Prince.


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