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I'd Like to Try.

from Moontip Heroine by limesix



Still one of my favorite limesix songs. I wrote it with the intention of getting a famously unreliable friend to play the guitar solo during the third verse section. Unsurprisingly, he didn't come through, so I had to jump into action, all acoustic-style, and make up something on the spot. So I did the little acoustic guitar bit you hear in that portion of the song. Other interesting fact - after recording that part, it somehow got time-shifted in Pro Tools, and we never quite got it back where it belonged. But it's close.


And I touch the meter running, a favorite chill down my back.
And the wires are humming - chase the lines right through the track.
A single note out of the silence, a single desperate cry for help.
Can I ignore all this violence - pull it out, inside myself.

A final moment. Fading away. I'd like to touch it. But I can't make it stay.

I chase the moon into the twilight, and feel it soak into my skin.
Think I could drift into sight, and she would make the fun begin.
I'd like to try to go to sleep now - a bed of grass would grace my back.
Awaken me with the sun, how would I ever want to go back.

I'd like to try you. I'd like to try. Feeling for you. Saying goodbye.

(semi-improv acoustic guitar solo)

I like the promise. Hard to forget. When I can touch you. When you are wet. The final moment. Dropped on the ground. I'd like to touch it. I like the sound.


from Moontip Heroine, released November 14, 1998


all rights reserved



limesix Orlando

Limesix is a rock band, in the 90s tradition. They maybe sound a bit like Portastatic, Yo La Tengo, and Say Hi, hopefully with some sly nods to Prince.

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